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The True & Complete Memoirs of the Pyrate Captain Extraordinaire!
The Illustrious Captain, John ‘Bartholomew’ Roberts
The Most Successful Pyrate of ALL Time!

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The Memoirs are over 300 pages in length.  PLUS... Full index; 140 different pictures/charts/maps; Lengthy bibliography; Concise time table; Glossary: Containing terms used, Various Types & Parts of the Ships, Description of islands visited; Full-Size Wall Map of the Cap’n’s Entire Journey; A complete list of crew taken at Cape Corso; One line of the Cap’n’s family tree dating from his father to present; A copy of the Cap’n’s brother's Will (written in Welsh w/English Translation); A copy of Cap’n Roberts Articles; & lastly an 8x10" full color photo of Cap’n Roberts. The latter four are suitable for framing. This book does not contain any writings, happenings or pictures of other Pirates or their lives, beyond what directly involves Cap’n Roberts, nor will the reader be, at any time, diverted away from Cap’n Roberts. ISBN: 1599719398 --- $29.95 1st Class S&H inc.

‘Captain Samuel Bellamy’

AKA ‘Black Bellamy,’ was one of the most active freebooters.   As legend says he was a young English sailor, who traveled to the new world colonies to seek his fortune.   He found a wealthy sponsor to finance an expedition South, to search for sunken Spanish treasure.   This proved to be unsuccessful & Bellamy returned home empty handed & married.   Soon after he left his wife & family behind in a town near Canterbury to sail the seas once more.   Like many notorious pirates which preceded him, Bellamy served as an apprentice with Benjamin Hornigold, who was known for his generosity towards prisoners & reluctance to plunder English ships.   Bellamy was elected as captain when Hornigold was deposed.
Bellamy proved to be a most successful pirate, mainly in the West Indies.   He is said to entertain his crew with flowery orations, of which he considered himself quite the master.   He was concerned for the well-being of his prisoners, but he favored his crew's well-being above all else, not to evoke any sinister feelings among them.
On April 26th, 1717, Bellamy & his crew were sailing between Nantucket Shoals & George's Bank, Massachusetts, when they captured the Mary Anne.   Shortly before sunset, the ships sailed into a think fog & by 10 p.m. they had lost sight of each other.   In the fog, near Cape Cod, the Mary Anne ran aground & the next morning two colonists had helped her crew ashore.   The Whyhah was not so lucky.   She was hit by an intense storm & the ship was capsized.
Two men survived this tragedy.   Thomas Davies lived to pass down the intense account of the shipwreck to Cape Cod folklore.   The other disappeared into history.

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