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The True & Complete Memoirs of the Pyrate Captain Extraordinaire!
The Illustrious Captain, John ĎBartholomewí Roberts
The Most Successful Pyrate of ALL Time!

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The Memoirs are over 300 pages in length.  PLUS... Full index; 140 different pictures/charts/maps; Lengthy bibliography; Concise time table; Glossary: Containing terms used, Various Types & Parts of the Ships, Description of islands visited; Full-Size Wall Map of the Capínís Entire Journey; A complete list of crew taken at Cape Corso; One line of the Capínís family tree dating from his father to present; A copy of the Capínís brother's Will (written in Welsh w/English Translation); A copy of Capín Roberts Articles; & lastly an 8x10" full color photo of Capín Roberts. The latter four are suitable for framing. This book does not contain any writings, happenings or pictures of other Pirates or their lives, beyond what directly involves Capín Roberts, nor will the reader be, at any time, diverted away from Capín Roberts. ISBN: 1599719398 --- $29.95 1st Class S&H inc.

1579 Sir Francis Drake/The Golden Hind 400,000 pesos of illegal cargo + £360,000 Cacafuego 120 ton Merchant Northern Ecuador
1580 Sir Francis Drake/The Golden Hind 80 lbs Gold, 20 tons Silver + 13 cases of silver coins, cases full of pearls & precious stones unknown unknown unknown
1585 Sir Richard Grenville/The Tiger £50,000 Santa Maria part of the annual Treasure Fleet Bermuda
1587 Sir Francis Drake/Commanding 9 ships £114,000 San Felipe East Indian Carrack Azores
1587 Thomas Cavendish/The Desire & 2 smaller ships £125,000 Santa Ana Manila Galleon Lower California
1592 Several/9 ships in consort £141,200 Madre de Dios 1,600 ton Carrack Azores
1595 Sir James Lancaster/with 7 English & 5 French pirate ships £50,000 from a wrecked ship & on shore East Indian Carrack & other booty Pernambuco, Brazil
1607 John Ward/The Gift & a Pinnace £100,000 Reniera y Soderina 600 ton Venetian Merchant near Cyprus
1628 Piet Heyn/Commanding 31 ships & 2,300 men 11 to 14 million Dutch guilders Spanish Fleet annual Treasure Fleet off Cuba
1628 Hendrick Lucifer 1.2 million guilders unknown Spanish treasure ship off Cuba
1658 Sir Christopher Myngs/Commanding several warships £200,000 to £375,000 Cuma, Puerto Caballo & the Coro not known Venezuela
1665 Edward Morgan/Commanding six ships & approx. 300 men £25,000 ? ? Oranjestad, Saint Eustatius
1667 Sean David Nau 260,000 pesos not known not known Maracaibo & Gibraltar, Venezuela
1668 Christopher Myngs commanding 12 ships & approx. 1,500 men 1.5 million pieces of eight none none San Francisco de Campeche, Mexico
1668 Sir Henry Morgan/the Oxford Commanding 10 ships & 500 men 50,000 pieces of eight not known not known Puerto Principe, Cuba
circa 1668 - 1671 Sir Henry Morgan/the Oxford 250 million pieces of gold & silver + jewels, rum, precious spices, silk & enough weapons for an army. Approx. value £1,000,000. the Spanish Fleet not known not known
circa 1668 - 1671 Sir Henry Morgan/The Satisfaction £50,000 in Silver & jewels none none port of Maracaibo onthe Gulf of Venezuela
1671 Sir Henry Morgan/Commanding approx. 2,000 men 150-200 pack mules laden w/gold, silver & goods none none Panama City, Panama
1680 John Coxon & 6 other Captains £18,000 none none Portobelo
1683 Laurens de Graff, Michel de Grammont, Nicholas van Horn + 5 more Captains & approx. 1,000 men 800,000 pesos San Juan de Ulu'a not known Veracruz, Mexico
1686 Edward Davies & William Knight 100,000 pesos ? ? Sana, Peru
1687 Edward Davies, Captain Le Picard & George Hout 200,000 pesos ? ? Guayaquil, Ecuador
1695 Henry Avery/The Fancy and five other captains under his command well over £1,600,000 1) Fateh Mohammed & 2) Gang-i-sawai 1) A Pilgram Ship & 2) largest ship of the Great Mogul w/ 40 cannon off Cape St. John
1698 Dirk Chivers/The Soldado & Robert Culiford/The Mocha £130,000 cash Great Mohammed Indian Ship Red Sea
1698 William Kidd/the Adventure Galley £45,000 Quedah 400 ton Merchant Treasure Ship near Rio de la Hacha, Venezuela
1700 John Bowen/The Speaker £100,000 ? ? Red Sea
1701 Jogn Halsey/The Charles £50,000 cash ? 2 British ships Mocha, Red Sea
1703 John Bowen/The Speedy Return in consort w/ Thomas Howard £70,000 ? 2 Indian Ships Red Sea
1718 - 1722 Bartholomew Roberts £130,000, a diamond studded gold cross + the ship unknown Portuguese treasure Galleon. Managed to plunder over 400 ships & kept several. of the coast of Brazil
1720 Edward England/Commanding the Fancy & the Victory £75,000 Cassandra East India Company ship Johanna Island, Comoros
1720 Edmund Condent/The Flying Dragon £150,000 unknown a large Arab (?) ship near Bombay
1721 John Taylor/The Cassandra & Olivier Lasouche/The Victory £875,000 Nostra Senhora de Cabo Portuguese Ship Reunion Island
? Pierre Francois 100,000 pesos none none near Rio de la Hacha, Venezuela

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