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‘Oliver Le Bouche’
AKA La Bous & La Buze

La Bouche is believed to be from Calais, France.   For a time in 1716 La Bouche sailed in consort with Benjamin Hornigold & later with Samuel Bellamy.
La Bouche & Hywel DaviesBellamy plundered both French & English ships near the Virgin Islands until a storm separated them in early 1717.   La Bouche fled to the West African coast in July 1718 when Woodes Rogers was made governor of the Bahamas.
La Bouche, Thomas Cocklyn & Hywel Davies sailed in consort, but that did not last & La Bouche sailed towards the Red Sea.   His ship was wrecked on Mayotte in the Comoro Islands in 1720.
In the beginning of 1721, La Bouche was living on Saint Mary's Island, which is near Madagascar.   He & John Taylor began sailing together after Taylor gave him command of the Victory.   In April, they arrived at Réunion Island & they captured a Portguese ship which was loaded with booty.   After returning to Saint Mary's Island they divvied up the loot & parted company in December.   Taylor was headed for the West Indies & La Bouche sailed to Madagascar.
It is not certain, but La Bouche is rumored to have settled on Réunion Island & hanged a few years later.

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