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‘Captain John Bowen’

John Bowen was born in Bermuda and later moved to South Carolina.   He became captain of a ship trading in the West Indies.   Eventually he was captured by French pirates, who crossed the Atlantic, pillaged along the African coast & wrecked their ship on Madagascar's southwestern coast.   About 18 months later Bowen & the other survivors were picked up by a passing ship commanded by Captain Read.   The pirates took a larger Arab ship in the Persian Gulf.   Around this time Bowen enlisted with the pirates & was elected sailing master.
Bowen returned to western Madagascar & began sailing in consort with George Booth. April of 1700 the two crews captured the Speaker, a strong 50-gun slave ship.   More than 200 pirates sailed to Zanzibar with George Booth as captain. Bowen took command at the end of 1700.   Near the mouth of the Red Sea Bowen captured an Indian vessel with £100,000 in booty & in November 1701, a British ship which they sold on the Indian coast.   Returning to Madagascar, Bowen's ship was wrecked on Mauritius Island but he saved most of the men and treasure.   In return for large bribes, the Dutch governor warmly welcomed the pirates & allowed them to buy a ship.   In April 1702, Bowen went back to Madagascar & set up camp on the eastern coast.   Some time after, the pirates seized the Speedy Return, which had stopped to buy slaves.
After cruising alone with little success, Bowen joined Thomas Howard.   The two captains seized a rich British Merchant in March 1703.   After separating for a time, Bowen & Howard joined forces again.   In August 1703 they captured two Indian vessels & £70,000 in the Red Sea.   The pirates divided their plunder at Rajapura, India. Some stayed with Howard on the Indian coast.   Bowen and 40 crewmen retired on Mauritius, where he died of disease about six months later.

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