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‘Captain Conajee Angria’
Born in Southeastern Wales

Callice moved to London as a youth, became a retailer & sailor & joined the navy in about 1571.   In early 1574, while commanding a royal ship, he seized an Italian merchantman & sold her cargo in Cardiff & Bristol.   For the next four years, Callice plundered mercilessly & other captains sailed under his leadership.

After being arrested in May 1577, Callice was imprisoned in London & charged with six major cases of piracy & many minor ones. He was sentenced to hang for the six important crimes, which occurred near Cornwall, off France & Denmark & as far south as the Azores.   Callice normally disposed of his booty in Wales, where he was intimate with local landowners & royal officials, including the Vice-Admiral.   He apparently had friends of even higher status, for Queen Elizabeth pardoned him in November 1577 at the request of Scotland's king.   The Admiralty Court awarded the owners of his French prize £4,000 in 1579, but no payment ever was made.   An unknown source did pay £505 to Callice's Danish victims.   Callice was paroled in July 1578 but soon fled & became a pilot for Sir Henry Knolly's in Sir Humphrey Gilbert's expedition.   Gilbert planned to plunder the Spanish Caribbean, but Knollys & Callice instead attacked ships in English waters.

In 1580 Callice raided in the north & even after he captured two ships near Hamburg, Germany he continued to visit Wales.   In August 1582 he was appointed captain by William Fenner, who had a commission to arrest pirates at sea.   In March 1583 Callice instead looted two Scottish merchantmen & took their cargo to Portsmouth.   He kept one Scottish prize renamed the Golden Chalice but abandoned her soon after to avoid arrest.   The ship passed to Sir Humphrey Gilbert & formed part of his 1583 Newfoundland expedition.   In 1584 William Fenner was licensed to take Spanish & Portuguese prizes & Callice served as his lieutenant.   In December Callice took command of a captured French warship & was separated from Fenner in foul weather.   Although he was arrested in Ireland, he soon was released or escaped & captured several French ships.

By 1585, Callice apparently felt that Wales & Ireland were no longer safe havens.   The 1579 judgement for £4,000 was still outstanding.   He henceforth operated from the Barbary States & was killed in the Mediterranean circa 1586.

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