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‘Pierre Le Grand’

Le Grand, a Frenchman, was the first pirate to settle on Tortuga Island.

Le Grand & twenty-eight men captured the flagship (a galleon) of the Spanish treasure fleet off Cape Tiburon in western Hispaniola.

Le Grand spotted ship a lagging behind the Spanish Fleet & although he & his men numbered only twenty-nine, they swore an oath to fight to the death.   To strengthen their resolve, Le Grand bore a hole in the bottom of their his ship, giving them no choice but to attack & win, for now they had no means of escape. Fortunately it was getting dark, they sailed alongside & snuck on board, cutlass in hand & pistols ready.   Making their way for the cabin, the spanish crew offered no resistance.   Caught totally by surprise & finding himself at gunpoint, the Captain surrendered.   A story reputedly told by Bartholomew Roberts to his crew as part of his way to convince them to sail upon the Treasure Fleet at Bahia de la Santos.

Aside from a few Spaniards, which Le Grand drafted into service, he put the seaman of the captured ship ashore & sailed home for France.

The remainder of Pierre Le Grands life is purely speculative.

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