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‘History of Buccaneers’

Buccaneers plagued the West Indies & South America in the 17th century.   Through their numbers, organization & unity they almost achieved the position of a recognized national power.   The buccaneers were mainly comprised of English, Dutch & French smugglers, who prospered from their illegal trade of slaves & merchandise with the Spanish possessions.   They established several strongholds on various West Indian islands & ultimately succeeded in virtually controlling the entire Caribbean basin & Gulf of Mexico.   They allied themselves with the England, helping them to capture Jamaica in 1655 & again taking England's side against the French & again against the Dutch.   For this reason they were not seriously molested by the English, which was the only European Power capable of putting them down.   For over a half century their plundering raids rendered life & property along the coastal towns very insecure.   The strongest factor in their downfall at the beginning of the 18th century was the impoverishment of the communities that had supported them.

The title Buccaneer, applied to seafaring adventurers of the 17th century.   In the previous century such daring fighters & seamen as Sir Francis Drake & Sir Richard Hawkins had obtained wealth in privateering operations against Spain, in the Caribbean & off the coasts of North America. Inspired by their success & the lure of riches, a group of wandering pirates called freebooters or buccaneers began to harass the Spanish colonies, mostly during the latter half of the 17th century.   The most famous buccaneer, Sir Henry Morgan, was from England.   Buccaneers are usually distinguished from privateers, who had official government commissions; buccaneers rarely had valid commissions.   They are also distinguished from the pirates who attacked ships of all nations.   The first headquarters of the buccaneers was on the island of Tortuga, which is off the north west coast of Hispaniola (now Haiti) in the main line of the Caribbean commerce.   The term buccaneer was derived from their practice of raiding Hispaniola, taking the cattle from the Spanish plantations & drying the meat on grills, known in French as boucan which they sold it to vessels that put in for supplies.   The buccaneers later used Jamaica as a base of operations.   Several buccaneers wrote stories of their exciting adventures which, subsequently, inspired further exploration in the New World.

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