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Active a short time only, 1716-1717, Hornigold's ship was the starting point for many of the more famous pirates.
Hornigold left New Providence Island in the Bahamas with Edward Teach (Blackbeard) among his crew.   He captured a sloop, which Teach made captain of.   They plundered six ships in 1717 off the American coast & raided in the Caribbean.   By the years end they seized a French ship ladened with gold, jewels & other booty & then parted company.   Teach went to America & Hornigold to New Providence.   When Woodes Rogers was appointed governor of the Bahamas Hornigold asked for & received a pardon.   Rogers thought highly of Hornigold & commissioned him to hunt pirates.   Hornigold pursued John Auger among others.   Circa 1719, Hornigold was sent to Mexico on a trading voyage.   Hornigold's ship struck a reef far from land, all hands were lost.

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