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‘Thomas Howard’

Howard inherited a great deal of money but managed to squander every penny, then fled to Jamaica where he stole a canoe with a motley crew.   Howard and his small band seized one ship after another until they ended up with a twenty-four gun ship.   The crew elected Howard as her Quarter-Master.   The pirates raided off North America in 1698, then crossed the Atlantic where they plundered many more ships along the West African coast.

In Circa 1700, their ship was wrecked on a reef off Madagascar.   While they were trying to dislodge their ship from the reef, Howard & others stole all the treasure.

A time later, Howard became the victim and was marroned while hunting when his companions made off with the treasure. Finally George Boot came along & Howard was rescued & joined the crew.   After Booth's death, Howard sailed under John Bowen.   In 1701, Bowen ship, the Speaker was wrecked. They eventually went to Augustine's Bay & Howard stayed behind & took up residence there for awhile.

Howard recruited another band with which he took the Prosperous, a thirty-six gun ship. Howard was elected her captain & in 1702 rejoined Bowen.   In March 1703 they plundered the British merchantman Pembroke off Johanna Island in the Comoros Islands.   In August 1703, the two were found in the Red Sea where they captured two Indian ships with more than £70,000 in booty.

They sailed to Rajapura, India & divided the booty, then the crews united on board the largest of the Indian ships.   Howard did not stay with them however, retiring a very wealthy man on the Indian coast.

Daniel Defoe states: "Howard married a Woman of the Country, and being a morose ill natur'd Fellow, and using her ill, he was murder'd by her Relations."

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