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The Illustrious Captain, John ‘Bartholomew’ Roberts
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The Memoirs are over 300 pages in length.  PLUS... Full index; 140 different pictures/charts/maps; Lengthy bibliography; Concise time table; Glossary: Containing terms used, Various Types & Parts of the Ships, Description of islands visited; Full-Size Wall Map of the Cap’n’s Entire Journey; A complete list of crew taken at Cape Corso; One line of the Cap’n’s family tree dating from his father to present; A copy of the Cap’n’s brother's Will (written in Welsh w/English Translation); A copy of Cap’n Roberts Articles; & lastly an 8x10" full color photo of Cap’n Roberts. The latter four are suitable for framing. This book does not contain any writings, happenings or pictures of other Pirates or their lives, beyond what directly involves Cap’n Roberts, nor will the reader be, at any time, diverted away from Cap’n Roberts. ISBN: 1599719398 --- $29.95 1st Class S&H inc.

‘Captain John Taylor’

John Taylor was with Edward England when the latter captured a thirty gun sloop off Africa in 1719.   Taylor was given command of the ship which he named Victory.   Together they captured the ship Cassandra, an East Indiaman ship.   England showed mercy toward the captain of the captured ship and was deposed as captain and put ashore.   Taylor was now in charge of Captain England's crew.   Taylor hunted in the Indian Ocean where he took several small European and Indian ships.   He also chased away a British naval squadron (Taylor thought the fleet was Conajee Angria's pirate fleet).

Taylor next went to Cochin, a Dutch port, where he sought to re-provision his ships.   Taylor was forced to pay heavy bribes at the port.   Taylor careened his ships at Mauritius and Saint Mary's Island.   It was during this time that he was joined by Captain Olivier La Bouche who assumed command of, the Victory.   They went to Réunion Island in April, 1721 where they captured the Portuguese Carrack Nostra Senhora de Cabo.   On board the prize was the ex-Viceroy of Goa whom had in his possession diamonds valued at £500,000 as well as £375,000 worth of Oriental rareties.

The men then went to Madagascar where they divvied up their loot.   Here the Victory was burned and replaced with, the Nostra Senhora de Cabo which was renamed, the Victory.   Taylor and La Bouche parted company in December, 1722.   Taylor took, the Cassandra and sailed to Panama, arriving in May of 1723.   At Panama, the governor of Portobello pardoned Taylor and his crew in exchange for, the Cassandra.   Taylor may have gone on to become a captain in the Panamanian coast guard.

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