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‘Captain Jean Lafitte’

Born 1781, St. Maloes, France

An American Hero, along with his crew,
assisting General Andrew Jackson

Died bravely in mortal combat,
circa 1821, in Central American waters.

Together with his brother, Captain Jean Laffite practiced pirating & privateering out of Barataria Bay, south of New Orleans.   With over ten ships he & his crew raided British, American, & Spanish ships, among others.   Due to his frequent trips to various worldwide coastal ports, many citizens in New Orleans traded with his band of pirates.

Captain Lafitte was famous for his clever ways of getting out of trouble.   Once, when arrested by a certain governor, Captain Lafitte failed to show up at his trial   The governor offered a bounty of $750. for him.   In return, Lafitte offered double that amount for the capture of the governor.

In 1814, British officials offered Captain Lafitte monetary rewards, amongst other inducements, in return for his help in attacking New Orleans.   Lafitte notified the officials at New Orleans.   They paid little head to his warnings.   A few weeks later a small Naval fleet attacked.   Later that same year, General Andrew Jackson accepted Captain Laffite's aid in combat with the British.   In return for their daring intrepidity during the battle of January 8, 1815, they were pardoned by President Madison.

During increased naval activity, Captain Lafitte & his crew sailed towards the Spanish occupied territory of Texas.   Taking over Galveston, he reestablished his pirating activities. Efforts were made to run him out of Galveston & he left, but only after burning the entire settlement.   Captain Laffite & his brother continued pirating around Central American ports until he died, circa 1821.

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by Jean Laffite and President, James Madison click HERE

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