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My treasure chest contains a list of pirates, ships & the booty they seized. A Treasure cove of knowledge is waiting for you at the Swashbucklers Non-Fiction Book Store. & for fiction lovers you must visit our library on featuring Rafael Sabatini, Alexander Dumas & V'léOnica Roberts Yon ship sets course for Swashbuckler cave. The place to shop for all your pirate movies.
The Illustrious & Uncomparable Captain Bartholomew Roberts
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Sir Christohper Myngs Manuel Pardal Rivero Sean David Nau aka
Francois L'Olonnais
Sir Henry Morgan
Sir Francis Drake John Hoar William Parker John Oxenham
Lawrence Prince John Ward William May Sir Anthony Sherley
Ralph Stout Benjamin Hornigold Nathaniel North Conajee Angria
and his sons
Stede Bonnet Jean Lafitte William Kidd Guillaume Le Testu
Sir Michael Geare Sir John Hawkins Israel Hands Edward Mansfield
Thomas Howard Thomas White John Halsey John Rackham
"Calico Jack"
Edward Teach
Anne Bonny Mary Read
Charles Vane
Samuel Bellamy
John Callice Thomas Tew
William Fly
Simon Simonson
Ned Low Henry Jennings
George Lowther
John Coxon
Count Maurycy
John Bowen
Thomas Anstis
George Booth
Abraham Blauvelt Henry Avery
Oliver La Bouché
Dirk Chivers
Samuel Burgess Edward Collier
Pierre Le Grand
John Fenn
Robert Culiford Edward England
Hywel Davies
James Kelley Walter Kennedy John Morris John Taylor
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