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THE TALL SHIPS - continued

Below are two beautiful Brigatines the Brigantine Eye of the Wind"Eye of the Wind" & the "Golden Plover" for hire.
The "Eye of the Wind" is a two-masted Brigatine, 132 feet long & 150 tons. She has a crew complement of 10 & was built in 1911 in Germany. Home Port Devon, United Kingdom.

Brigantine Golden PloverThis is the Golden Plover, Australia. Day tours of the Great Barrier Reef.

Brig or Brigantine refers to a two-masted ship, generally square-rigged on the foremast & fore-and-aft rigged on the mainmast. This unique vessel ship can be rigged with many combinations of square or fore-and-aft sails which makes her more versatile than other ships. She averages 80 feet & 150 tons. In days of yore she averaged 10 cannon & a crew of 100. She was very popular with the Navy for pirate chasing & equally as popular as a pirate vessel. Note the difference in the rigging of these two ships. The "Eye of the Wind" is square-rigged on both masts & gaff-rigged. The "Golden Plover" is square-rigged on the main mast & fore-and-aft rigged on the mizzenmast. Both ships are rigged with jig sails.


A large Chinese vessel with a high poop deck, prominent stem, full stern and lug sails.

The Junk could be converted into an 80 foot terror. In the center of the hull was the magazine, watched closely by the captain. The captain lived with his wife or wives under the poopdeck, while the crew and relatives lived in dormitories in the cargo hold or on the deck itself. The galley was located on the after-deck in the open air.


replicas of the Pinta and Santa Maria Pictured are replicas of the Pinta and Santa Maria, built for the 1992 quincentennial. Note the tiny topsail on Santa Maria. Christopher Columbus made his historic voyage together with the NiŮa, the Pinta (Caravels), The Santa Maria was a type of ship called a Nao.
There has been much speculation about just how large such a ship would be. Carla Rahn Philips, puts the length of Santa Maria at 18 meters (about 55 1/2 feet), keel length at 12 meters, beam 6 meters, and a depth of 3 meters from keel to deck.

CARAVEL: A fleet vessel of Spain & Portugal in the 15th century. Sometimes spelt carvel or caravelle.



FELUCCA: A small, swift Mediterranean vessel propelled by lateen sails & by oars.


A Galleass

GALLEASS: A large galley (a galley was used in ancient & medievil times, a big row boat with or without sails, e.g a Viking Ship) of the 15th to 17th centuries, carrying three masts & heavily armed. Used chiefly in the Mediterranean as a war vessel. Powers by sails & oars. Click picture to see large view.


A one, two or three masted vessel having lugsails only.

DUTCH FLUTE: An impressive 300 ton, 80 foot ship that proved inexpensive to build as well as man. The Flute needed only a dozen seamen. With a flat bottom, broad beams, and a round stern giving her an incredible cargo capacity; about 150% that of similar ships.

A sloop-rigged, fast sailing vessel of narrow beam & deep draft, with bow & stern lines of the hull almost perpendicular. Medium sized Man O' War.



The Friendship The Grand Turk The Essex


The 4 Pictures below are beautiful paintings from Jim Collier & were placed here without his permission. A link has been placed which I hope will please him. If you're looking for a beautiful painting of a ship see Jim. If the artist objects to his paintings being placed on this site, I shall remove them at his request. To see a larger view click on the picture. Use your back key to return.
Dutch Frigate, Batavia Russian Bark, Kruzenstern Portuguese Galleon A Day in Port



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