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BUY NOW! Captain Roberts: Memoirs of a Pyrate Captain

The True & Complete Memoirs of the Pyrate Captain Extraordinaire!
The Illustrious Captain, John ĎBartholomewí Roberts
The Most Successful Pyrate of ALL Time!

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The Memoirs are over 300 pages in length.  PLUS... Full index; 140 different pictures/charts/maps; Lengthy bibliography; Concise time table; Glossary: Containing terms used, Various Types & Parts of the Ships, Description of islands visited; Full-Size Wall Map of the Capínís Entire Journey; A complete list of crew taken at Cape Corso; One line of the Capínís family tree dating from his father to present; A copy of the Capínís brother's Will (written in Welsh w/English Translation); A copy of Capín Roberts Articles; & lastly an 8x10" full color photo of Capín Roberts. The latter four are suitable for framing. This book does not contain any writings, happenings or pictures of other Pirates or their lives, beyond what directly involves Capín Roberts, nor will the reader be, at any time, diverted away from Capín Roberts. ISBN: 1599719398 --- $29.95 1st Class S&H inc.

a.k.a der Tantzer (the Dancer),
& also as Delli Reis (Captain Devil)

Simonson was born in Dordrecht, Holland circa 1606. As an experienced shipbuilder, He moved from Marseilles to Algiers, leaving his family behind. There his fame grew quickly & within 3 years he was given the name Delli Reis by the locals. Using captured ships, Simonson taught the Muslim captains how to sail them, personally capturing around 40. All of which were incorporated into the corsair fleet. Simonson had also led the corsairs through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Atlantic. Once in the Atlantic, they hunted Spanish treasure fleets & raided as far north as Iceland. After reeking much havoc with the barbary corsairs, Simonson feeling homesick wished for a return home. In 1609, his chance came. He used Jesuit priests which had been captured off Valencia to negotiate with the French court. The french conceded to his requests & after a quarrel between his men & several Algerians erupted, he fled back to Marseilles. Simonson's flight from Algiers wasn't without consequence however for Simonson stole four ships & booty worth 400,000 crowns, as well as killing 150 Algerians & stealing two large brass cannon belonging to the Algerian government. Once back in Marseilles he rejoined his family & had his citizenship restored. In 1610, Simonson had a plan to raid the city of Algiers, which he presented to the royal court. His plans were denied but Simonson was paid to maintain a squadron patrolling against the corsairs. During one of his patrols, Simonson was captured by the corsairs, taken to Tunis & there executed in 1616.

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