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Captain Thomas White

White migrated to Barbados from Plymouth after serving in the Royal Navy. Circa 1698, White was in command of a ship taken by French pirates which was later captured by John Bowen. After refusing to join Bowen's crew, Bowen made a slave & shared by both John Bowen & George Booth.

After the ship was wrecked in 1701, the crew split up. White, was again a free man. He signed on with Thomas Howard aboard the Prosperous & was elected Quarter-Master. Howard's crew along with Bowen took several prizes in 1703 worth quite a large booty.

Most of the crew retired in India or on Mauritius Island. The remainer of the crew, which included White, sailed to Madagsacar under Nathaniel North. The ship blown off course toward Cape Dauphin in the south, North abandoned White along with 30 other members of the cerw who had gone ashore for provisions.

In 1704, White became captain of a small ship which had been abandoned there. He proceeded to plunder in the Red Sea. Amoung those were several Indian ships, a Portuguese merchantman & in August, 1706, two British ships. The pirates booty averaged £1,200 each for the plundered ship.

In 1707, White sailed under Thomas Halsey as Quarter-Master. White shared in the rich booty for his forays with Halsey. In early 1708, White died at Madagascar of excessive drinking and other reported irregularities.

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